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About Us


Our Studio


Able to create dynamic ranges in musical styles, Full Court Press can deliver anything from Pop, Rock, Jazz, Cuban, Salsa, Merengue, Symphonic, Electronica, etc., with a state-of-the-art recording environment for all professional  media applications.

Whether you seek music for jingles, background music for voice-overs, soundtracks for film, TV or radio, we can deliver.Music is what we know, do, and love. There is always something new that can be discovered by mixing beats, tempos, rhythms, and melodies. We are committed to discovering the creativity that artists possess and bringing them to new heights in the industry. 


Our Equipment


Studio capabilities:

  • Integrated multi-track recording studio, dedicated to sound                   editing, mixing and mastering.
  • Able to deliver various audio formats, which include broadcast                   ready format, AVI, MP3, Wave, Real Audio and Windows Media           for advanced streaming.
  • 24-bit/96 kHz audio hardware capabilities.
  • Synchronization of audio to video. 


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